The Useful Way Utilizing Organic Waste

"You can tell how high a society is by how much of its garbage is recycled."-  Tahanie 

It is common in developed countries, people get used to separating organic house hold wastes from others. They allocate special trash bag for residual garbage of various organic materials such us fallen leaves, foods, vegetables, fruits, or even beverages and utilize them well. Those kinds of rubbish are useful stuffs although they smell bad and dirty, in which people living in developing countries don’t know how beneficial they are. Since I am a college student, this fact makes me sad.

We know that our community used to think that organic refuse is no more than rubbish deserves to be thrown away to a dump. Most of us don’t know that everything comes from nature can be transformed to be green manure by a lot of microorganisms. Of course, as an organic fertilizer, it is very worthy for our plants, whether flowers or crops. In addition, It as also doesn’t endanger soil and its microorganisms.

Composted organic wastes contain a group of macronutrients which are needed by plants. Macronutrient means that it is needed in huge quantities as principal substances for plants growth. For example, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfur, and Calcium.

It is well-known that the cramped knowledge of making green fertilizer and the laziness of our society seem to be main causes of limited utilizing of organic waste, even though it doesn’t need high skilled people, hard working, or advance technology. To illustrate how easy it is, in my home, my beloved mom, an old elementary school teacher, knows how to produce green manure from organic rubbish collected from our kitchen.

I taught her the way to acquire more benefits from kitchen garbage 2 months ago. It was very easy to teach and to practice in short time. These are steps of the making of green manure from organic garbage.
  1. Separating organic wastes from non-organic materials by providing organic trash bag.
  2. Cutting them to be small litters, about 4 square cm.
  3. Filling the trash bag with proper amount of water
  4. Adding starter microorganisms bought from farming shop
  5. Making several holes in top of the trash bag.
  6. Putting the trash bag under protected places such us warehouse
  7. In first month of the composting process, there will be increasing of temperature in it. So it is an obligation for us to check trash bag humidity every week. Adding more water if the trash become drying, till the temperature goes down.
  8. A good green manure will be ready in 60 – 70 days depend on the quality of the composting process.
That’s all the way to improve the utilization of our wastes. We can put the composted organic wastes onto our plants. We have flowers in the garden and crops in the yard needing nutrients contained by it. By implementing this method, we can also save our money, because we don’t have to buy marketed fertilizer.

In the end, i want to say that the recycling of organic wastes is our way to be a better community.

Written for public speaking performance
Pare, 9/16/2015