The Last Pics Of The Crashed Fighter T-50i TT-5007

To begin with, on Saturday 19/12, i visited Air Force Base Open Day held by Indonesian Air Force Flying School.  At that time i was very excited knowing that there would be many fighters, choppers, and others owned by TNI AU.

Coincidently, i was very attracted to a blue-coloured Lead-in Fighter Trainer T-50i having TT-5007 as its tail number from 15th Squadron. The fighter which would crash on the day later.

Here some of selected pics of TT-5007 piloted by The Fallen Soldier Flight-Lieutnant Colonel Marda Sardjono who also served as 15th Squadron Commander

note: click the pic to enlarge it

TT-5007 parking alongside TT-5001 after performing aerobatic show on Saturday (19/12)

Lieutnant-Colonel Marda Sardjono smiling to the people staring and saluting him upon his excellence aerobatic performance

Lieutnant-Colonel Marda Sardjono, his back-seater and ground crew opening TT-5007's cockpit after performing aerobatic show above Adi Sutjipto Air Force Base on Saturday (19/12)

Lieutnant-Colonel Marda Sardjono preparing to disembark his cockpit

Lieutnant-Colonel Marda Sardjono diembarking TT-5007

The Fallen Pilot Captain Dwi C smiling and coming near to Lieutnant-Colonel Marda Sardjono. On Saturday he was a reserve pilot

A Ground Crew standing in the front of  TT-5007 after all pilots leaving it

TT-5007 flying alongside TT-5001, and two F16s TS-1605 and TS 1609

These are some of my TT-5007 collections serving Indonesia Air Force for just 2 years before the crash destroying it on Sunday (20/12). The crash also killed two of its pilots Lieutnant-Colonel Marda Sardjono and Flight-Captain Dwi C. May Allah bless them upon their services toIndonesia. Aamiin