The Beauty of Kedung Pedut Natural Water Park

There is only beauty you can see while visiting a well-managed hidden protected "heaven" named Kedung Pedut Natural Waterpark which is located right in the middle of Girimulyo rain forest, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta.

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Kedung Pedut Gate
It takes 1,5 hours from Jogja and 7 minutes of walking through a narrow path, surrounded by a dense forest,  from the gate to reach Kedung Pedut Natural Waterpark
The only path heading right to Kedung Pedut Natural Waterpark
As you arrive to the "heaven", a blue-coloured waterpool beneath Kedung Pedut plank will welcome you nicely :).

Kedung Pedut Plank
It is beautiful, is'nt it? In fact, it is only the beginning because there are tens waterpools and waterfalls here in Kedung Pedut. So, the more you go deep into the forest, the more awesome views you are able to enjoy

Kedung Pedut waterpool. The entire tourism spot here was named after this beuaty waterpool

Visitors playing and taking selfie at one of Kedung Pedut's waterpool

my little bro looking for something in Kedung Pedut Natural Waterpark :)

the highest waterfall in Kedung Pedut

you can also take a bath in Kedung Pedut :D

how clean and fresh it (water) is.....

the main waterpool located in the middle of Kedung Pedut valley

For your information, In Kedung Pedut visitors are allowed to swim in the most of its waterpools. Also, water quality is not an issue due to the fact that it is originated from protected natural spring.

In addition, there are also supporting facilities provided to fulfill visitor's need such as traditional food and beverage shops, toilets, tourist guides and gazebos, all of which are placed near to waterpool that can be used for swimming.

hot milk and fried bananas accompanying me after swimming.

Along with those facilities, there is also a 100 M-long flying fox for those who are brave enough to accept a challenge,

according to the tourist guide, the flying fox is safe because it is managed by a certified provider
After all, some of you might want to know how much money i have spent during a vacation in Kedung Pedut, here is the list 
  1. Rp. 6.000 for entry ticket'
  2. Rp. 3.000 for parking
  3. Rp.15.000 for flying fox
  4. Rp. 5.000 for renting a life jacket
  5. Rp. 10.000 for food and beverage (2 cups of hot milk and 6 fried bananas)
In short, Spending less than Rp. 50.000 will entertain you more if you prefer visiting Kedung Pedut to just watching a movie in a Cinema :D